The unseen skill that can change a good image into a great one

With over 15 years of retouching experience, I’ve worked for many great subjects and photographers. I’ve watched many gifted artists at work and learned a host of great techniques which I have refined. No samples? Unfortunately no. It’s often bad etiquette to show the ‘before’ images.

The most effective form of retouching should never be obvious. Its purpose is to enhance and improve an image, but it should still leave viewers unaware of anything having ever been done.

  • Balance the Colours
  • Remove or suppress background elements
  • Remove skin blemishes, wrinkles, scars, tattoos etc
  • Lengthen legs & slim waists

Advanced Techniques

  • Add people not originally present
  • Remove people
  • Remove distracting background elements
  • Combine the best of several images


  • Bring new life into faded and dog-eared images
  • Recover that cherished photo that was ripped up in a fight (don’t laugh … it happens).